Headline offensive

People not liking what they are reading? I usually don’t continue to patronize something I don’t like, but obviously, you know better. I don’t who wrote John Harris headline, but it said the same thing, but emphasized the pressure we were applying as well.

The print media is struggling due to the proliferation of news content that’s free via Facebook, Twitter, bloggers, etc. Period

I know that and you know that. Good grief

It don’t take much to trigger some folks.

Yep, easy as saying the Rebs were robbed today :smiley:

Leaving the board is certainly an option…

Yes it is, when I quit getting the ADG, I will, lol. Of course, the article from John Harris was printed in the paper, not the other one.

I just assumed you were true to your words…

The headline was spot on. The dropped baton ended the co leaders chance and cleared the way for the victory. USC had the better time coming in and led the Hogs. It was a major part of the story. We all know there were other major aspects to the meet. Lots of highlights. And they were covered.

Only so much can get in the headline. FYI, in talking with anyone the next day - from those who had not read the paper or the on line story – every single Person said it the same: we won after USC dropped the baton. Every one. So that was their personal headline.

The article wasn’t in the ADG, the “special to the ADG from John Harris” was in the paper, so we know what “assuming” has done for you.

It’s only your word, I can see where it wouldn’t mean much…

What word would that be Einstein, I said “usually”, do you know what that means?

Thread locked since y’all are taking pot shots at each other. SMH