Headline offensive

Very seldom do I complain on this board. However, today is an exception. The headline about our women winning the national track title due to a dropped baton fails to take into account the stellar performances and coaching which placed the Hogs in contention to win the national title. It fails to take into account the lost points from our DQ in the 200M or not getting the projected points in other events. I’m sure the intent was good but the execution behind that darn headline is a disservice to our Hogs and their great performance. I am sure when Florida, Tennessee and Texas won football games against us due to horrible officiating they never had any headlines stating they won because of bad officiating. Our women deserve better.


I have to say that your observation made me curious about why it was written with such a negative slant.
If they were in a position to make the most of a competitor’s
misstep, good for them. One team’s misfortune often aids
in another team’s good fortune. I like the end result.

The good stories that I enjoyed today were: HOGS stomp
Ole Miss and Vandy’s Rocker pitches a no-hitter.
That was an incredible display by young Mr. Rocker.

I completely agree! They have won FOUR National Championships since 2015, and that’s the headline that they get? Total disrespect. They deserve better!

I agree 100%, I then looked up to see who wrote the article. I guess now we see who is responsible for the headline. The race wasn’t over, there was plenty of race left to determine the finish.

I wrote the headline: Arkansas women win NCAA championship with aid of dropped baton

I don’t see it as offensive. It’s factual. And within the story it is noted that Arkansas was closing on USC at the time the baton was dropped. But the dropped baton was a major component of that race. Arkansas might have beaten USC anyway with the way Chadwick and Campbell ran the third and fourth legs, but the dropped baton assured that the Razorbacks would win the team title.

Guy, I have to side with Matt on this one. The drop definitely was an “aid” to our win. Maybe we beat the Broomheads anyway, with the anchor leg Kethlin Campbell ran, but once the stick hit the ground it was over. I know I started celebrating as soon as I saw it bounce into the infield.

Huge part of the story and you can’t ignore it…

I see both sides on this. Still, the bottom line is the Ladies won another NC. They are great and congrats to them. The story did not say they won despite not getting several almost sure points due to an injury to a pole vaulter.

Both of these things are part of the story of the meet and should be included, but the big story is another NC for the Ladies. Oh yes, making clean exchanges in relays is a big part of the race… Anyone who has every been on one of those teams has worked and worked on that.

Who said to ignore it?

I think a bigger story than the dropped baton was the 5000. If that young lady hadn’t put everything she had into that race, the baton wouldn’t have mattered. Of course you can make the same argument about Lexi being injured and us winning before that race.

It was 94 degrees in Austin when they were running the 5000 according to the TV people. I’ve run a lot of 5Ks, none of them in 94 degree heat, and anything over 70 degrees I thought I was going to die. Taylor Werner ran out of her mind in those awful conditions and got 8 huge points.

Lexi’s problem in the PV meant it was very likely to come down to the last race, and it did. There were several huge performances. Nobody expected Devin Clark to get two points in the steeplechase but she did. Janeek was huge. So was Kethlin Campbell.

SC had zero points when the day started yesterday and a lot of their girls came up huge as well. Props to them for challenging us, and maybe if the stick doesn’t bounce they get the title.

I liked one thing the TV people did. Several times they showed graphics of how many points were available for us and USC to win in the rest of the meet. They weren’t in the 5000, we were, and we had to take advantage. Thanks to Werner, we did.


If I was a member of our 2019 National Champions I would feel disrespected and unappreciated with a headline stating they won the National title because of a dropped baton and not because of our outstanding performances throughout the Meet.
Competing for a National Title and National Champion for Track differs greatly from the regular sports. At the end of the regular season, the student athletes who qualify based upon their best performance to date have to attend an additional Meet just to basically re-qualify for the National Meet . If they have a bad Meet on that particular day they don’t advance to the Nationals. Despite having a qualifying performance. The point is, the coaching staff and student athletes exert themselves to an incredible standard with magnificent achievements irregardless of any dropped baton.
They won because of their overall performance. What if the Mile Relay was the first event of the Meet and not the last? What would the headline be?
Bottom line, irregardless of the order of events, they won the National title due to the depth of quality athletes, great facilities and coaching, tremendous drive and devotion and most importantly of all, our girls displayed tenacity and heart in winning their national title overcoming injuries and not obtaining some of their projected points. Like everyone else on this Board, we are all very proud of our 2019 National Champios!
Best of all, they won at the belly of the beast, EOE-Austin!!!



Better headline and first line:?

“Taylor Werner runs the race of her life to propel Hogs to National Title”:

“4x400 relay team runs a season’s best time and finishes a close 2nd to a new world record time by A&M, as USC drops baton.” Then go into details of the Hogs/USC race to the championship.

Then it wouldn’t have been the event that determined the champion. But ultimately, it was.

It’s the same reason you write most about the buzzer-beating three and not the first three of the first half that contributed to the game being tied in the last minute. In a close game/match/meet, the final moments are magnified most.

It’s why we’ve heard about Arkansas’ misplayed foul ball hundreds of times. Oregon State did what it had to do to capitalize on it, but it aided the Beavers in winning the championship last year.

A reporter’s job is to assign the most newsworthy values to a story. In my estimation, and in the estimation of many others I’ve spoken with, that was the most newsworthy moment of the meet, which is why it is referenced in the headline and high in the story.

Maybe you shouldn’t hang around reporters all day, lol, get a little real world perspective.

It’s funny that Matt, Swine, and I have a writer’s mentality when it comes to headlines. You write a headline with the assumption the reader has not seen the event and try to capture a spark of curiosity for an individual to read the full story and that race was the center of attention for reasons Matt listed. That’s good writing and Matt is a damn good writer.

And we wonder why newspapers are folding like a cheap lawn chair…

My circle of influence goes well beyond the people I work with.

Dumb suggesting this has a damn thing to do with newspaper struggles in the 21st century.

Disingenuous BS and you know it.