Heading to FS Northside tonight (updated - 9:02 pm)

Going to see a pair of games featuring Lady Razorback 2021 target Jersey Wolfbarger (6-4), Arkansas 2020 big man commit Jaylin Williams (6-10, 235) & the North Little Rock pair of 2022 Arkansas offer Kelel Ware (6-10) and 2023 Razorback offer Bryce Warren (6-1).

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I’ve seen them all several times and am totally impressed by all them.

Btw, NLR is peaking. I don’t think they will lose again.

Arkansas 2021 Lady Razorback recruiting target Jersey Wolfenberger has 19 points at halftime - FSN leads NLR 37-16

Jersey finishes with 27 points as Northside wins 57-38

Jaylin Williams with 14 points for Fort Smith Northside, who leads No. 1 North Little Rock 22-17 at halftime. The Charging Wildcats scored the last 7 points of the half.

Bryson Warren with 7 and Kelel Ware 4 for NLR.

Fort Smith Northside 45, No. 1 NLR 42 - final - Arkansas pledge Jaylin Williams with 21 points for FSN.

Bryson Warren with 11 for NLR.

NLR now 20-4 and 11-1 and has already clinched 6A conference championship. FSN now 18-8 and 8-4.

Dudley what can you tell us about Jersey girl’s game?. Also, does I. Joe’s brother play for Northside?

I will have a story on her early next week, but Jersey has gone from 5-8 to 6-4 the last 18 months and has kept her ball skills.

Runs the floor like a gazelle, has good moves inside and can make shots with both hands, has a nice mid-range game and can also make 3s.

She is very skinny and will add some weight and get stronger. She is already special, but is going to be an absolute beast as she matures and gains strength.

Coach Neighbors has a chance to get two in-state special ones in the class of 2021 in Jersey and Bentonville’s 6-4 sophomore post Maryam Dauda.

Both are top 25 players nationally (Wolfenberger 19, Dauda 23) while Batesville 5-7 point guard Isabella Higginbottom comes in at 59th nationally.

And yes, Jacob Joe is Isaiah’s younger brother. The 6-1 junior had two FTs to clinch the win Friday night.


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Seems like I saw a few months ago that Jersey was looking at Oregon State very hard. Hope MN can keep her here.

Oregon State is certainly in the mix, but I would be surprised right now if Arkansas doesn’t get the junior standouts

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I see HoopGurlz lists JW as 6-1 but you have her at 6-4. Is 6-4 right?

After standing next to her last night and looking up, yes, I think she is 6-4.

Grown 7 inches in last 18 months

Wow. I’m trying to think if I’ve ever seen a 6-4 point guard at any level of women’s hoops.


Relatively speaking she has the potential to be Women’s version of Magic Johnson.


Guy that’s exactly who I was thinking of

I hope CMN can land both of those super talented young ladies. If he can, look out, his Lady Backs will be an even more dangerous team in the future!

We need to blow up this pipeline to Corvalis OR. What is it about that place that is so dadgum appealing to our top female hoopsters?

Is Wolfenberger going to OSU too?

Was mentioned in this thread that they are high on her list.

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