Headed To Superdome Friday

For the Louisiana 5A state championship Saturday! Love this time of the year watching these kids that have grown up with my boys in West Monroe! Gotta hit Middendorfs on the way down in Manchach, then some chargrilled oysters at Dragos at some point, breakfast at Cafe Dumond for beignets.

If I can still walk after stuffing myself, I’ll be on the sidelines Saturday night. West Monroe will be a ghost town Saturday.

I know Middendorf’s is good, but if you wait just a little longer you can have https://www.deanies.com/restaurants/fre … te-dining/

Their fried softshells (and everything else) needs to be experienced once in a persons life…and Dragos oysters…

I plan on going to as many of the state championships as I can, while I’m here.

Really want to check Edna Karr out. Should be a good weekend.

If you get a chance watch Notre Dame (Crowley), my wife’s HS alma mater - the Senior class for ND has not lost a regular season game their entire time in HS. Just a bunch of tough hard nosed farmers kids with a Hall of Fame Coach.

Enjoy yourself. I think high school state championships are a lot of fun.

It’s especially fun in New Orleans with all that good food. Sucks I have to work Friday morning because that’s one less meal I get to enjoy in the Big Easy!
Sterlington hs here in Monroe is also playing in their championship so I’ll be hanging out a lot at the dome!

I have very fond memories of large cookouts in Lafayette and Monroe LA.
Some etouffee, gumbo, or jambalaya done the Cajun way.

I’m a more than adequate cook of all of the above!

Awesome food. :slight_smile: