Headed to Knoxville

With 4 grands and Suzi. Our youngest grandson turns 9 Monday. He asked months ago to go the a Razorback basketball game for his birthday. He’s the only grandchild I’ve not taken to a game. So along with his brother and 2 cousins we’re headed to see them play. All of them love and play basketball and love the Hogs even though they were born and raised in TN.

Whatever the outcome, this will be a great day.

And yes, all learned to call the Hogs early in life.


Good job. Enjoy

We’re in the arena watching the Hogs shoot around. The kids are pumped l. Not to mention the grandparents. :sunglasses:


@gashog you will be proud to know the Hogs just had dunk practice.

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Have a great time Danny win or lose these will be great memories one day


Met several Hog fans already!


Thanks for training them up right LDhog. I hope you all have a GREAT DAY (hint hint). And if one or more
decisions by the refs doesn’t go the way they want it to, try your best to cover them grand babies heads from all those thrown empty jack daniels bottles. GHG!

Think we were seated below you…thought our combined energy was going to pull it out. Great game tho.

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About 12 of us called the Hogs when we got within 3 and the Vol fans were quiet. My wife led it. We had fun with the grands. Wanted to win but a day with 4 grands made it just fine.


You were a winner either way. btw, of all the ut/ark games I’ve been to at Thompson boling, seemed like the fewest by far Hog fans in attendance.

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I agree. Hog fans were few and far between today. But talked with several really nice home folk. Thompson Boling can’t match the loudness and intensity. They try but IMO they’re no match.

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