Headed to Divide, Montana

I am in Tulsa tonight before an early flight in the morning. Destination is Silver Bow Club in Divide, Montana. Will fish four days on the Big Hole River. This is a bucket list trip. Going with my good friend Wayne Reed. I’ve fished with Wayne on the White and Norfork Rivers. He put this trip together last winter. It’s hard to believe it’s finally here. There is a lot to do at Silver Bow. They have horses, ATVs, drift boats and a helicopter. And there is a chef at the lodge. Some Arkansas guys went ahead of us as part of a 2-week stay. They report fantastic fishing. Weather looks good. Oh boy, here I go!

I think vacations up north and Canada are the best ways to go during the summer. Look forward to making it up that way someday.

Glacier National Park has some great hiking trails. We have stayed at White Fish for golf and fishing. I love this part of Montana. It’s nice and cool in the summer.

Have a great time. I know you will. Watch out for bears.

I think Divide is down in the southwest part of Montana, where he will actually be closer to Yellowstone than Glacier NP. Beautiful country, and supposedly killer fly fishing on the Big Hole River.

I love going to the northern Rockies in the summer, especially Glacier. The only problem is that Glacier and especially Yellowstone are getting loved to death. In July all the way through close to Labor Day the crowds can get really bad. If you want to hike the easier accessed trails and see some of the more popular sights, you have to get going early in the day.


Go have your fun and enjoy. You bring that to many of us over many weeks of the year. Take some time to recharge before football really blasts on the scene here very shortly. You’ve earned it my man! :smiley:

That sounds like an awesome trip. Enjoy it in health.

I’ll post a few pics. The owner of the lodge duck hunted with us near Stuttgart last winter. That got all this started. He has put Wayne and I in special quarters in his lodge. I brought him a Razorback football dry fit shirt. I am wearing the camo Silver Bow Club cap that was given to me in January. You can Google Silver Bow Club.

Like I said, oh boy! It’s been a long start to summer with bunch of days in Omaha. Wiped out a planned tarpon trip to Florida. Oh well, Omaha was fun. I’ll catch up on off days and vacation in July.

We were in Montana this time last year. It was my first trip there and the scenery was magnificent. Enjoy your trip. And catch a lot of fish.

You and your team deserves some down time. Ya’ll are the best!

Have fished the Gallaton, Henry’s Fork in Idaho and the streams in the park plus a couple more north of Yellowstone but never the river you’re going to be fishing on. Heard it was great. Have fun. Weather should be nice.

We stayed in a ranch house just north of Belgrade last month. It rained some, but we still had a great time. The day Larry and our three sons went fishing on the Lower Madison was just about perfect. Larry had never fly fished before, but he caught the biggest fish.

One of their guides had once been married to Jackie Sherrill’s step daughter. He told some interesting stories. She’s a country music singer and wrote a song about their break up.

Reached destination. There is a helicopter here. Four seats. We will use it to fish at least one day. Yes, I’m pumped.

From the post that you shared on Facebook, it looks like a fabulous destination. Have a GREAT time!

Clay sent me some pictures yesterday. It looks like the spread outside Walt Longmire’s cabin.

Matt is correct. Gorgeous.

Completely had to Google this one. Had no idea who Walt Longmire is. Actually still don’t. A&E?

The TV series originated on A&E, but was cancelled. It seems that it was their highest rated show, but it attracted the wrong demographic (too old). After cancellation by A&E the series moved to Netflix.

The TV series is based on the Walt Longmire mysteries by Craig Johnson.

I started the books last summer. I didn’t make it far, but it wasn’t for lack of quality writing; more so for lack of time to read them. I’m hoping to pick it back up soon.

Go to Netflix. Something like 70 episodes or so over 5 seasons. One of my all time favorite shows. Takes place in N WY, but filmed in N NM due to weather. I sort of know one of the Wranglers from the show.

Since we thought so much of it, guess that is the demographic part. Anyway, give it a shot.

Oh yes, saw some pictures. I have not been to the particular place Clay went, but know the area well. Lots of eye Candy. Fishing can be very good all around bozeman for certain.

I love the books, even more than the TV show. Johnson’s subtle humor comes through much more there than in the series.