Headed to Baxter Regional for tests

Please say a little prayer for me. Headed to Baxter Regional for some tests. My gall bladder has not worked right since coming back from Cabo in the summer of 2019. Have had one battery of ultrasound that showed my gall bladder not working properly. They hope to confirm that with nuclear test. I may glow later this morning. Just kidding. Haven’t felt good for the last 12 months. Sliding along with Prilosec and Tums. I hope this is the gallbladder.


Good luck, Clay. I hope there is someting they can do to fix things. Many of us will be thinking of you.

Will do Clay and I’ll bet the docs will have some good answers and treatments.

Prayers to you Clay


Thoughts and prayers with you, Clay…

If it is the gallbladder that’s a pretty easy fix. Keeping fingers crossed for you, Clay.

I feel ya Clay & prayers. Have had gall bladder issues in the past with small stones (so they say per ultrasounds) had 2 very painful episodes.
Just skeptical of removing it after researching mixed side effects after the fact.

absolutely, Clay. Prayers your way.

Prayers Clay. Let me know if I can do anything for you.

Good luck, Clay.

I had a bad gall bladder removed some years ago. I thought I might have something far more serious because I just felt horrible, had lost weight and could not eat. I felt sick to my stomach all day long. My whole system was out of wack. My surgeon saved the gall stone. It was the size of a small cadbury chocolate egg(not kidding). It was black as tar and shaped like a football.

I hope it is your gall bladder and you can get it out with a laproscopic procedure. You will be feeling much better very soon. I will say a prayer for you.

Yeah, laparoscopic is the way to go, if possible.

Good luck Clay, will be thinking of you and wishing all the best.

All the best Clay! I will be praying for you and good results!

Praying for you Clay!
Hope they get the issue solved and you get to feeling better.

Bad gall bladders run in my family. The laproscopic procedure gets you in and out of the hospital quickly and of course you feel so much better when the creaky organ is gone. Good luck.

Will do. I hope they get it figured out quickly. This brings back memories of 1963 and my mother trying to raise 5 of us kids while being sick all winter with our father in Vietnam. Story ended with my Mother’s gall bladder remover at Baxter Regional. It was a major surgery back then a got my father home from Vietnam a month early. We saw for the first time in almost a year right there at the hospital.

Thoughts and prayers for you through this stressful time.

Praying for you, Clay!

Prayers Clay!