Headed Out West Saturday

For some much needed R&R with the family in San Francisco area for the week, and y’all better hold it together around here while I’m gone. Wife has us blowing and going the whole week so I expect to come back to a better seed than current!

I’m tired and so ready to get away from work. Going to visit all the usual stuff out there and go see Pebble Beach, but not playing—back problems, swing out of synch this time of the year, etc but mainly bc momma said no! Can’t wait to hear the bagpipes on 18 & see the wine country & ride across Golden Gate on bikes!

Scoma’s on Fisherman’s Wharf is one of my favorite spots in San Francisco. Their Cioppino (seafood stew) is wonderful. Have fun.

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I second the shout out to Scomas!

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Good to know on Scomas. We’ll be there at the wharf Sunday.

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Enjoy sir. You have earned it. We’ll hold the fort down around here.
Hopefully you return to a pleasant surprise with the Hogs.

They also have the best Mojito I have ever had.

Don’t know if you’ve done it before or not, but be aware…
A bike ride across the Golden Gate can be anything but relaxing. The winds through the Gate are tremendous and will be a crosswind. You have to work pretty hard.

Electric bikes are reserved after my last time out there years ago! I’m not going for a workout!

For a relaxing trip, forget San Fran and head south on Pacific Coast Hwy (#1) to Monterey. Spent a wonderful time on that route recently…with the top down, listening to Smokey Robinson. Planned an afternoon decompression escape, but spent two days instead.

We’re spending a day in Monterey.

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Which (IMHO) is the most beautiful spot in the USA. Enjoy…

I like Sonoma, too. Different vibe. We went to see Presedio and Haight/Ashbury, too.

One of he greatest drives in America, I’ve seen SF enough, the coast drive is always a must for us.

This time tomorrow, I plan to have eaten my fill of Dunguanese(sp?) crab! That’s the one food I vividly remember from my last trip out there, along with the great sourdough bread…almost as good as the great French bread in NOLA

Dungeness crab. Which is dee-lish.

I haven’t made it to San Fran or Monterey. Need to get there.

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