Headed On Vacay to South Carolina

Will get to Myrtle Beach in time to watch the game tomorrow and golf few days, the. To Charleston Wednesday for a culinary tour thing (wife’s birthday present). I’m looking forward to change of scenery and away from the practice grind.


I’d be nice if you were able to spend a minute or two with Hogmaestro and Mary, but you may have your schedule full.

Send me his contact info if you have it. I can check on them late week.

That culinary thing in that town is supposed to be cool. Bet you learn tricks of how to use more butter.

The wife and kids and I head to Charleston tomorrow for spring break. You sure you don’t wanna hang out with 9 and 6 year old boys? :smile::smile::smile:

The culinary thing is with Amy H. with Euna Maes, the store in Springdale. My wife got to know her through church stuff and following her blogs, Instagram stuff. I was told no long sleeves the last night bc we will be cooking over open flames in a French restaurant! Maybe that dude can show me new ways to cook venison? Cool stuff. Hope I don’t gain 10 pounds!

Sam and Amy are best friends. Sam is one of my fly fishing buddies, my inner circle of besties.

I taught their kids to tie flies.

You could not be in better hands. Amy is a wonderful teacher. You will be spirit led.

OK Logjam. You are coming to my town.

Here are some things you have to do.

  1. Take a horsedrawn carriage tour. The tours are all great. Mostly factual. Mostly. Ha.
  2. Walk the entirety of King street to shop. The Market is fine, but its for tourists. Locals don’t shop there. Its all nick-knacky stuff.
  3. EAT 3 squares a day. The Food Channel loves Charleston for a reason. Have shrimp and grits at least once. DON’T go to Hymans. Its a mediocre fried fish restaurant that spends all their $ on marketing. Not on the food. Do go to a restaurant on East Bay or Queen. Some of my favs include Husk, Slightly North of Broad, 82 Queen, and Magnolias. Great breakfast can be had at Millers All Day on King.
  4. You can spend your whole time downtown and have a terrific time. If you leave the downtown area, go to a plantation. Magnolia and Middleton are my favorites.
  5. Soak up the history if you are a history buff like me. Don’t limit yourself to the civil war era. Charleston was a colonial city too. Lots of houses and buildings standing built between 1700-1730.
  6. Nightlife is great, but upper King is gonna be overrun with college kids. Buzzed and horny. Just be aware. Charleston is not a college town per se. But CofC is in the middle of town…and 14,000 strong. Kids are out Thursday and Friday nights.
  7. Charleston has a fantastic music scene. Classical is not most people’s desire, but if it is the Charleston Symphony is fantastic. None of my choirs are singing til late April, but there’s great classical music all over. The jazz scene is super vibrant. Rock and Roll is fine. Not an Athens in terms of bands.
  8. If you are interested in where I like to hang…I can often be found at Tommy Condon’s. On Church. Irish pub.

HAVE FUN. Charleston is far from perfect. But for a place to visit for 2-3 days? Its pretty close…


My wife is a kindred spirit to Amy. Looking forward to being around them this week.

Maestro, you doing ok after the wreck? I’m heading your way Wednesday.

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I love Charleston now you make me want to go back soon! I’ve eaten at SNOB and High Cotton across the street. And there was this great place on Fulton just off King I think but believe it was a casualty of the pandemic. Now I’ll have to try some of your other suggestions.

Fulton Five is where you are talking about. Great northetn Italian. Sadly, it shuttered. Yes. Covid whacked alot of restaurants.

I am busy all day on Wednesdays. Thursday I may have some free time. Holler at me if you want a local tour guide. :slight_smile:

Oh…and one more thing…a little Charleston secret (from tourists anyway). Edmunds Oast Brewing company on upper King (you would have to drive or Uber) has great great super great beer, good food, and a happy hour from 4-5 everyday where EVERYTHING is 1/2 price.

Tourists don’t tend to make it up there. Its almost all locals.

I’ve been wanting to PM you for your recommendations but kept forgetting yadda yadda. We did book the eco tour that goes out to the light house (one of the boys loves sea life) and I wanted to do the cozy alley way tour bc I’m weird i guess. We do want to do a plantation tour but will plan that on the fly, I did read about magnolia…other than that we’ll see how it goes. I really appreciate all the recommendations!! Maybe we can catch the next game together. :smile: