He seems very interested in the basketball program..

Profile: https://247sports.com/player/jahmius-ramsey-46041702

He’s too good to not make room on the 2019 roster. (Goodbye Gabe Osabuohien?)

He looks good, but the article states he’s warm to several schools that have offered.

What about Justice? He needs a spot too.

I’m also thinking Javon Franklin. I would think those 2 guys would be higher on the pecking order than Ramsey right now. If Gafford leaves after his sophomore season, there’s the 1 open scholarship for Hill. Then if you get a transfer I think you have to take Franklin next. Now if we lose someone else I think that’s when we can start talking about guys like Ramsey, Tim Cesar, McKinney and other guys like that.

As I like to say, it’s fluid.

For 2019, they need to make an athletic 6-10 and up player as a priority over Franklin, Ramsey and Hill. I am kind of getting used to an athletic long big manning the 5 for the Hogs.

I have a feeling Hill comes in as a walk-on.

When Gafford leaves to go pro they need to replace him with an athletic big or we are going to be very weak inside.

glad to have first world bball problems again

Got to see Franklin play when he was a Sr. and he was very good. It was in a Holiday Tourn. with very good teams from in and out side the State. He stood out.

You forgot about Henderson and Chaney? Both of those guys can play both 4 and the 5 spot. And depending on if they are still growing or not both could both easily be 6’9+ by the time they are on campus. Both are 4-star players and very athletic, I think we’d be fine with those guys rotating at the 5 spot by their sophomore year. It would actually probably be the most athletic 5 spot rotation we’ve had in a long time.

Haven’t forgotten about them. Think both have the potential to be very nice players, but both are more power forward type players. Even if they are going to play the 5, I would prefer to have more than Chaney, Ethan, Adrio, and Gabe that can rotate at the 4 and 5. I know Hall and Phillips can help in a pinch at the 4, but they are more wing type players.