He’s not getting fired .....argh!

He’ll get another year with the seat red hot

Should get fired— yes

Will he? —no

I think we all know that.

Totally agree. I believe he deserves another year bc of the past 5 years but I can’t make case for thinking the ship isn’t sinking. Seems like a courtesy give him one more than an expectation we will be better.

How do we know anything definate before the end of the season or about where administrators are in evaluating the situation?

Doing something “courteous” for a guy who makes over $2 million a year and doesn’t win at a high level…well, I guess that is the essence of Razorback athletics. More interested in overpaying and being “courteous” than winning. When is someone on campus going to decide winning is the most important pursuit of the athletic department? Even Mississippi State wins. As I’ve said in the recent past, it has a better athletic program right now. Shameful.

I wouldn’t be so sure of that guys. A lot of angles this thing could go to where we have a new guy on the bench next season.

I agree with this. And not from a biased personal hate the guy perspective. I hope the guy stays. But I agree.

So you believe the ship is sinking, but the captain deserves more time?

I wish you were my boss.

As someone who doesn’t watch CBB, much less Razorback BB, I’ll admit I can’t speak to the ins and outs of why Razorback basketball is in the shape it’s in from a win loss standpoint. That said, I applaud this post with respect to the comments about a culture of winning and excellence in the Razorback athletic department.

Jeff Long did not care enough about winning and neither did enough of the people that matter in positions of authority. The coup that resulted in his sacking and the sacking of the idiot that ran the football program in to the dirt was a very hopeful sign to me. It showed me that perhaps things were changing - different, new, power players asserting themselves.

What happens with the basketball coach will be interesting to watch. Not just whether or not he is retained, but if he is retained what the AD has to say about expectations going forward.

I became indifferent last night. It happened right before my eyes when we were up 8 and it just dwindled. During that run was a 20 foot clank jumper from Adrio, a terrible pass from Jones off of a defenders legs that went the other way for a jam. Same ole stupid stuff happening at the worst times. Not smart basketball.

I love Mike Anderson. I hope somehow he pulls out a miracle. I want him to be the coach here. If it doesn’t work out i’ll be ready for a change.

Just hope we don’t go the cheater route. IE Sampson.

That seems to be what the majority of the board wants. Guess we will see if CMA doesn’t right the ship. I agree with you last night was horribly depressing to watch

Tough night, man. Tough season so far. Not unexpected, though. 9 new players. I expected 16-18 wins. Of course, on a game by game basis, it can be incredibly frustrating.

I’ve maintained that I think CMA will make it to next year, but if we start getting thumped each game from here, you never know.

I’ve had the same thought on Sampson, albeit from a pretty uneducated viewpoint. I’m a rule-follower by nature, so to me it generally doesn’t matter what rule someone breaks, I don’t like that. That said, have you done research on what Sampson did? There’s certainly an argument that it was pretty weak stuff.

Not sure why you’d give him another year. He’s had 8. He’s consistently been ok- with the occassional fairly good team that makes it no where in the tournament.

His style just isn’t that effective. He can’t change a game with his coaching ability.

We’ve seen the peak, it’s time to try something else imo.

You know me from another board and we’ve talked a lot over the years. Using my real name over here and probably moving over here full time. I like the basketball coverage and the debate. A lot less trolls, less traffic as well. I’ve always been labeled an Anderson hugger, lover and on and on. I want/wanted Mike to make it happen. I agree it’s been a tough year, really tough. Esp after the start. We were running, quick and crisp passing. It’s to be expected with a young team. Just the same mistakes and bad turnovers whenever we lose a lead. Dro and Gabe shooting Jumpers. Force feeding the ball to Dan when he’s triple teamed. Last night was a bit of a blessing in a way. I have been way too invested. I watch every second of every game on the edge of my seat.

I’ve read up on Sampson. May or may not be that big of a deal but it’s happened at two places and he’s getting pretty old. Do we take him and his Son? I think his son may be a good coach some day a well. Are you still high on Buzz?

I’ve been told that this will be 100 percent Hunter’s choice and it’s gonna be tough on him no doubt. I’m at the point where i will absolutely get behind a change but i will never publicly bash or call for Mike’s head.

I think if we make a change we lose at least Mason Jones, possibly more. It’s not going to be an easy decision. If Mike get’s next year i will absolutely support him but i’ll probably have to steer clear of all message boards. It’s too hard on me.

But we will miss you on the 'bert Junk.

The thing last night, with me, I knew as soon as MSU took the lead that we wouldn’t get it back. In the past I’ve always thought we’d find a way to come back. Not feeling that right now.

Well now, YOU won’t. Because you’re here too.

Plus we have Fantasy baseball bro. You’re my co-commish

Oh, I’ve known your real name for awhile. Knew it was you. Good basketball minds over here. I wish I could contribute more to all boards, but life is a lot busier for me. Today is probably the most posting I’ve done on any board in two years. Mother in law is in town, so I have some free time :).

Yeah, I still really like Buzz. Doing what he’s doing at Va Tech is unheard of. Perennially, one of the worst power 5 programs ever, and he’s gonna go to three straight NCAAT’s and has them at 20-5 so far this year. Crazy stuff. I think he fits us incredibly well.

I think Sampson has to be on our radar because of his relationship with Hunter and the fact that he’s coached in this region before. Seeing what Barnes has done at Tennessee probably has a positive effect on my viewpoint of Sampson and his stage of career. Huggins, too.

I’ve had to disconnect some, too, this year. My busy-ness in other parts of life has helped. That and what I leaned in the John L Smith year :).