“He’s going to take this state by storm”

Coach Broyles once said of his new hire, Lou Holtz.

I have a feeling Coach M is going to do the same.

All of who know our history of 70s - early 2000s want it back.

We want to believe after last twenty years we can get any coach we want but that’s not always the case even for the biggest brands.

But like the Stones say, sometimes you get what you need.

In this case a coach with a lot of experience and perhaps hungry with something to prove.

I like that a lot.

You mean “you can’t get what you want”

Get over it please. Geez

After watching the NCAAT, especially since the Elite Eight, the thing that stands out is the intensity and sense of urgency I see from those teams. That is what I want to see.

The Hogs have the players that can win, if they play that way, all the time.

Musselman might bring that.

You’re right if he does ir right.

COACH Will take a hungry beast and feed it.

REALLY!! DID you watch any of those shots with the students outside the building??

INSIDE the building??? OUR NEW COACH[size=150][/size]


WE all love Mike but the winning was gone and REALLY think about this the fever was GONE>

THE BUD Needed a spark a of fire crackers. JUST WHAT I HAVE seen is a group, building, students, and fans ready to explode .

NOT all MIKE"S fault the fire just burned out. IMO maybe 10 - to 12 plays and we would NOT be in this position. WE are and it’s time to start a new chapter of RAZORBACK BASKETBALL !!! GET READY WPS!!!

“but if ya try real hard, you’ll get what ya need”

Is that directed to me? I was simply adding the beginning of what Stones song says. I was over it the day after the firing happened.