He does know how

DVH can smile!


He has a lot to smile about. :smiley: :smiley:

I think that picture was taken just after Shaddy nearly knocked another out of the park in his last at-bat at Baum. The CF caught it, but it was a great shot to cap off what’s been a great year & great series for him. (It helped, of course, that it was B8 & we were up by 10 runs.). DVH seemed to be really enjoying Carson’s night & his enthusiasm. We all were. It was still good to see that big smile on Dave’s face, though.

Didn’t Gates hit one to the fence his last time up? I was hoping he’d get it . . . kid hasn’t had the kind of career he expected, but by all accounts you couldn’t find a better teammate. And his play has improved notably the last 2-3 weeks - just at the right time. Here’s hoping he makes some lifetime memories in Omaha.

I don’t remember, but I agree he’s had a very good post-season. His hitting is much better & his defense has been wonderful.