'He can do it all': Burks already one of SEC's best

My Friday feature on Treylon Burks, who Jeremy Pruitt and Sam Pittman agree is among the top talents in the SEC:

Very nice story…but sadly, we seem to only have one story like this every 10 or 20 years, when many of our peers have 2 or 3 nearly every season.

Imagine if we had a great offensive compliment; like a Felix Jones next to DMac. Shoot, imagine Matt Jones and DMac.

I think Catalon’s a good one, but he’s on the other side of the ball.

Few difference makers continue to make the Hogs journey Cubsesque.

Cubsesque is a pretty good term, but times have changed.

The Cubs won the Central Division in 2003, 2007,2008,2016,2017, and 2020. The won the NL pennant in 2016 when they were the 2016 World Series Champions. They have shaken off their sorry past to be one of the best run franchises in baseball. I hope Arkansas can do something similar to what the Cubs have done.

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I think most thought we had that “great offensive compliment” in Rakeem Boyd. Based on last week, he may be approaching 100% healthy. If so, we may have our 2 great offensive players these last 5 games.

We’ll see soon; he just looks a bit slowed to me. He had a burst last year; I’m not seeing it, now.

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