HDN would be so happy: Feleipe Franks

a QB who is also a TE, not sure about my thinking Ryan M and Feleipe are similar physically but could be and Feleipe is a qB/TE for the Failclowns. FF shows he is team first and we should give him his due for being a positive influence on KJ, always happy that he finished as a Razorback.

AJ Derby was a more recent QB/TE.


Good luck, FF…a great add for the Hogs.

Some guys have the ego thing that they’re a QB or nothing. But think about it, you can hang around the NFL as a tight end making minimum, which for a second-year guy is $825K this year, or you can be an unemployed QB (or on the practice squad making $12,000 a week at best). I think I could find 825,000 reasons to change positions in that case.


FF has a 3 year signed deal with bonus and guaranteed 100k, not sure if he is vested

Felipe Franks Contract Breakdowns, Salary Cap Figures, Salaries, Bonuses | Spotrac.

As much as I like FF, he is not grata as a Saints fan. I kinda like the TE/QB that is Taysom Hill.

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