HDN and the Nebraska jet

How close he came to getting on board, and why he didn’t. Also known as how to screw up a coaching search. Paywall, but too much here for Cliffs Notes. Numerous NFL types also turned Nebraska down that winter.

This is part of a series called Secrets of the Coaching Carousel. One of the articles is about the Philadelphia Phillies pursuit of Hugo Bezdek. Yes, the one-time coach of the Arkansas Cardinals who commented that his team had played like a band of wild Razorback hogs. Bezdek was coaching at Penn State when the Phillies started after him.

It’s really a great article and give a good behind-the - scenes look. You can subscribe to The Athletic for a dollar a month for a year. Great articles.

It’s 2.99/month now.

Yep. And you have to pay for a year.

I just got billed for $7.99 from them. Frankly no idea for what period of time that is. I get enough value from it that I’ll pay $8 a month.

Worth a subscription. Very high quality articles.

I double checked. It was $1 for six months then went to $8 per month. I converted to annual subscription which works out to $6 per month.

I was at that independence bowl…… rumor was he was gone if we lost, and Coach Broyles was going to hire the Mizzou coach , Pinkel…

Public-service announcement: Good journalism is worth paying for, friends. Those writers, photographers and editors have to feed their families too!