HDN and Ole Miss in a public feud

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this could be very good. I don’t like how HDN handled things here and leaving for a rival, but I don’t think he needs to get the blame for OM allegations.

Correct, OM tried to use HDN as scapegoat there. But found out quickly that only a few (4) very minor infractions occurred under Nutt’s watch. All of the major ones under Freeze’s watch. As HDN stated last year, he never received a letter of enquiry from the NCAA after all of this was brought to light.

I hope HDN nails them for more cash. From everything I’ve read they threw him under the bus. I’m not happy about all he did on the hill or in Oxford but lying about him to help Freeze is dead wrong.

Hopefully we can bring Houston back in the fold in the future. He did some good things as our coach.

I agree. I’m not a Houston Nutt fan, especially with the way things ended and his leaving for Ole Miss, but if we can bring Nolan back into the fold (yes, he won a national title and should be back even though he did sue the university), then Houston should be welcomed back. He is a native Arkansan and at some point his shortcomings should be forgiven. He did get us to Atlanta a couple of times.

He didn’t leave on his own.

Poor choice of words. His forced departure that included an eventual stay at Ole Miss …

Either place. . .

Neither HDN or Nolan left on their own accord. They just opened the door very wide.

I would think the visibility created by HDN would shine a light on the CURRENT admin and staff. I would think that add some pressure to the NCAA to do something heavier since OM hasn’t fired Freeze.

CNR never went to work for a SEC competitor and never turned on the fans here. If the CHN actions had stopped just when he was let go at the UA, fine, welcome him back at some point. But it didn’t, he went to work for a SEC West school, and then he and his staff acted like major d-bags when Ole Miss came back to the Hill in 2008. I won’t ever forget that and as far as I am concerned he’s done. Just like Marcus Monk.

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll never stop: I’ve known the Nutt family most of my life (albeit not well…but my circle of friends knows them extremely well)…and they are good people. GOOD people. The opposite of bad people.

Absolutely make amends with Houston Nutt. Its the right thing to do. I hope he gets the apology from Ole Miss he deserves. They are twisting themselves into a knot to justify keeping Hugh Freeze. That’s obvious.

Thus is the intoxication with winning. At all costs.

I never thought ill of HDN. By the time he was fired, I agreed he had to go, but I never held any animosity toward him. Even though he mishandled some things, I know he was under a lot of pressure & people under pressure often make bad decisions.

As to this particular dispute with the bears, it appears to me he is absolutely right. They’re trying to scapegoat him for what Bucky did. Those great recruiting classes didn’t come in under Nutt’s watch. In fact, he was blasted for his recruiting down there. We all saw the NCAA crap coming once those extraordinary classes started piling up. If they were made up of Mississippi & Memphis kids, it might have been just a fortunate anomaly for them, but there aren’t that many kids growing up in Chicago who grow up dreaming about becoming an Ole MIss Rebel.

This was it for me as well, although I’d had my fill of HDN since probably about 2002. You crap on the Razorback program as a recruit, player, coach or administrator it’s hard for me to forget. Almost impossible for me to forgive anyone I consider guilty of doing it.

Nutt does usually pick us to win on the CBS sports program, but doubt he does the same for the Rebels moving forward. That’s the best thing I can say about him to this point in time.

The Murray St mafia and Olajabutu screwing with Mustain. HDN and MSM rebelling against Malzahn in front of the team. The leaking of the Teresa Prewitt “Mr. Interception King” email. The Donna Bragg tryst and text messages. It was a crazy time that HDN created but I am not against healing the wounds with him.


We may hear something this week about the NCAA decision and that will be a spectacle to say the least.

Mending fences and forgiveness is part of life,holding grudges is exhausting. There’s no doubt HDN made mistakes just as we all have, he also is one of the guys who laid some stones on the path to building Running Back U with some of the great RB’s on his watch. WPS

Very true - but as I said before

KARMA for him and Ole Miss has caught up with them

I was so disappointed in Houston - IMHO - he came to Arkansas as a talented “project” coach and never developed - he left lots of potential on the sideline - One of his great faults was trying to be a OC and compounding that problem was his inability to evaluate talent - instead of doing evaluations he recruited everyone and gray-shirted everyone and if they balked = he called them - “Selfish”

Me thinks he was doing counter transference

That said HDN had loads of talents - it appeared to me however he had as many faults as talent with on day he pulling off remarkable results only for his faults the next week to destroy what he was building .

My SWAG is he never developed because he never allowed others to evaluate for him and he didn’t trust in his own ability to be a CEO Visionary with also the ability to motivate teams at critical moments - but this has all been said before

maybe the guy can come back one day without making my stomach churn

much of my current disillusionment with our beloved Razorbacks began with Frank controlling too long and was cemented with HDN buffoonery and Roland’s anger that left me disappointed and feeling betrayed

I digress

Any how - just think what could be if you had HDN Motivational skill and Coach Bret’s standards and CEO management style in one man?! WOW - Sky would be the limit but thats not humanly possible I suppose

I like the coach we have and he is more than doing a good job when you consider we are in the Sabin Western Division of the SEC


OM just released their response to the NCAA