Hayden out, T.J. Hammonds in vs. Aggies

Won’t make a bit of difference.

Week four has come and gone-so fans all over the country get to speculate about whether their team has guys going into the transfer portal.

Chad Morris said about an hour ago he does not know of any players who have entered the portal.

Seems doubtful more than four guys are going to play RB in any given year in a single back system. The transfer from ASU will be eligible next year, Boyd probably comes back, Spivey will be in the mix, and they are recruiting one or two more RBs. Hayden did not get in the rotation against SJS, although I guess he might have been in on one or two plays.

Hayden may not be in the transfer portal at this time, but you have to wonder where he fits in for the rest of this year and 2020.

It would be great to see TJ come in and be productive and be the guy we all have hoped for since he walked on campus. WPS