Hayden Johnson?

Did he play at all last week? Is he injured or has he been replaced because of pass pro issues?

Johnson was in the starting lineup, so yeah, he played.

He was subbing in and out the whole first half. They tended to put him and Cantrell in at the same time for a heavy look, but he was in there on other occasions, too. When they went to three WRs he subbed out and they would go one back. He did not play that much after the half as Kendrick started getting more snaps at fullback.

I didn’t see much of the 1st half & saw Kendrick in the whole time in the 2nd. Thanks for the explanation without the snarky air.

I thought Jackson played a little better than Johnson in the run game when he was on the field. He seemed to get to the second level a little quicker than Johnson. It appears they are going to rotate those two.