Hayden Johnson

Just curious, but with all of depth and talent we apparently have at tight end, why is it necessary for Hayden to get work at tight end? I know some of tight ends are stronger receivers than blockers, so that may explain some of it, but still seems a bit strange to me.

Having a fullback who can lead through the hole and take on the linebacker AND can shift to tight end and play that position well is a valuable addition to Enos’ offense. They have been trying to get this with Sprinkle and Cantrell sometimes lining up as a fullback, now they are trying to get this by training Johnson to also play tight end. Enos really likes this type of player. Hope they can find more.

It’s just adding another versatile player to the mix. He can be like Austin Cantrell, start out at fullback and then shift into a wingback or true tight end position. You don’t want the defense to be able to sub based on the personnel that leave the sideline. If he is big enough and still has the speed and the hands, he’s perfect for the H-back/fullback position. I believe he fits that. Can’t have enough with those kinds of skills, versatility. They are going to be involved in lots of contact. They will get banged around. Shoulders, ribs, knees and hands take a pounding.

Would seem like a good idea to get your best players on the field.

Some of those with the most offers have not made a move yet