Hayden Johnson

Has he played recently?

Not much. I’m told he will play some Friday. Hendrick Jackson has been terrific.

I remember someone arguing with me that Kendrick wouldn’t play much unless Hayden got hurt. I think Kendrick is just what we like at fullback. He bringgs the pain.

Don’t forget that Johnson is a true freshman. He has done very well as such.

He was a very good defensive player in high school. I wonder after the season he might get a look on that side.

Lets keep them both at Fullback and keep on growing and mauling folks…

Well it’s his homecoming, so I expect Hayden will get at least one chance to shine like Gunther did last week. The kid had a nice little catch and run very early in the season. I’m not sure he has been thrown to since. I like Kendrick Jackson too. Just wonder if we will have the luxury of keeping them both on Offense next year. Our cup isn’t exactly running over with quality linebackers.

That was me. You were definitely right. They seemed convinced Hayden could be the guy in fall camp, but obviously Kendrick’s physicality has made him a much better choice.

Hayden get some snaps at Missouri, but when they were in a pinch, it seems Jackson was the choice at fullback down the stretch.