Hayden Johnson was arrested earlier today (Dudley's story)

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Should be a slap on the wrist

This is my once per year rant about arrests for underage drinking in Fayetteville. It’s stupid. Always has been stupid. Cops were reasonable in the 70’s when underage drinking was completely ignored. And frankly, I’m sure school was a lot more fun then…most of us ended up just fine, thank you.

I blame MAAD; they make me mad.

Good luck HJ.

Nice to see Johnson and Arlando Cook are focused on the right things.

And please don’t make excuses for them. That’s crazy.

I greatly appreciate what MADD stands for.

We added more details about his arrest. The officer responded after Johnson nearly stumbled off the stage of the Greek Theater.

I won’t judge, I’ll just say I don’t understand the need for it. If one is so drunk that one cannot sit up, how much fun can one be having?


What concerns me is where are their friends? I can’t believe these guys are going out and getting drunk by themselves. I realize we are responsible for our own behavior…but we all need friends to take care of us when we go out of bounds.


What he said.