Hayden Henry

On a radio interview, Hayden Henry mentioned “moving to Linebacker.”

What position did he play before Linebacker?

I think he played safety at Pulaski Academy.

I can understand a LB moving to TE. I’m not sure I understand moving a TE to LB?

You’re thinking of Hudson not Hayden. Hudson is not moving to LB.

Maybe he should consider moving…

Yep…safety…more like a monster though.

He started out at Arkansas as an outside linebacker. In the last two years, it’s been more to his liking to play inside linebacker. It is his best position. I give Barry Odom and Michael Scherer credit for fine tuning his game so he reads keys and really turns it loose at inside linebacker. He has played downhill this season. If he stays healthy and avoids targeting, I believe he has a chance to be the leading tackler. There are others who could surpass him there, like Morgan, Pool or Catalon.


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