Hayden Henry will knock your teeth out

I absolutely love they way he attacks the LOS, at the 6:04 mark in the 3rd QTR he took on the FB lead block in the hole and about knocked the kid out(FB left the game) He did the same thing later on,He is 100 MPH! and I love it but am fearful that as hard as he plays,he is going to hurt his shoulder bc he’s not the biggest guy but I love his aggressivness,Catalon too!

I thought the Defense looked much more aggressive yesterday but we will find out what we really have this week bc Texas is a big step up in competition but I think the atmosphere and occasion will have us playing like our hair is in fire!!


Just as long as they learn to keep their heads up. The rules committee should address offensive players leading with their helmets, too. It would be trickier to adjudicate, but ultimately something that could be added to the mix in the interest of fair play.

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