Hayden and Ragnow out

Oh man, two of the only bright spots on this years team are now out for the year. The win column was already looking bleek, but with this news…we may not even be a lock to beat Coastal Carolina. Not sure what any of you are hearing, but I was told that Long isn’t even considering getting rid of Bielema after this season and will give him another year. What’s the news around the hill?

I have no info on CBB or JL. Just speculation like everyone else on this board.

However the loss of Ragnow in an already weak O-Line is devastating. Even though they lost Patterson last week, that will make it tough for us to beat OM. However, we will beat Coastal Carolina. It’s just a different level from the competition we’ve been playing.

I think the injuries to Austin Allen, Chase Hayden, Frank Ragnow, Ryan Pulley, Jared Cornelius and Rawleigh Williams all have to be taken into consideration when evaluating this season. Five of those players were expected to be starters when spring practice began, and Hayden has been the team’s leading rusher through seven games. This team had its share of hard luck.

That said, you can’t pinpoint injuries as the only reason for the product on the field.

Injuries are part of football, and I sure hope this isn’t turned into an excuse for a coach who couldn’t field a competitive team. We have looked bad since game 1 in LR. It was easy to see it was going to be a bad year, and then we lost Pulley.

Fast forward, we continue to look bad, AA looked awful at times, and then we lose Cornelius, who hadn’t contributed much already due to injury. Now Ragnow and Hayden, its horribly unfortunate.

But certainly should not be used to make a case for BB to stay any longer. He failed in depth, he failed in recruiting, his coaching is abismal. His record when down at half, and in games decided by 1 possession are among the worst in the country, that’s on coaching. He has to be fired, and should’ve already been fired!

Jeff Long will make a huge mistake if he decides to keep Bielema, especially if he uses the injury excuse. Cornelius was a solid receiver, but not a playmaker. Austin Allen had not played well until he got hurt. Hayden was one of 3 tailbacks used. Now, Pulley and Ragnow were good, very good players, but we haven’t done anything with Ragnow and it hurts to lose him, but all teams have injuries. The problem is Bielema hasn’t recruited very well, and we are so thin that any injury is a big loss because there is no one to take his place.

Every SEC team has injury losses during a season. It is a brutal game.

I don’t think Coach B survives the season (and he may be the one to decide it). If JL does keep him on, it begs the questions of how he addresses these concerns, what happens if there are more injuries next year, what is the metric of needed wins for 2018 , and finally is he willing to spend more money in football program to improve recruiting and game management. Without some thought out plan on these and other issues, the fan base will take the 0-18 halftime loses, visual evidence of the performance on the field and decide to sit on their $ and support until they see it pan out on the field (see second half Auburn game). So after 5 years is the good performance enough to provide another round or two with the current status given the improvement that has to occur when evidence doesn’t seem to point in that direction (see off line issues). JL will earn his $ with this decision. His silence since earlier comment on 100% support but needs to win more tells a lot.

Those injuries would not have made any difference on our current record. We wasn’t gonna beat Alabama and Auburn with Allen. We just lost Ragnow and Hayden during Auburn. Those injuries have nothing to do with Bielema’s failure as a coach at Arkansas. Bielema needs to go.