Hawks D.J. Weaver

said the Hogs lead for him right now.

Would they take him right now if he wanted to commit? Or are they still evaluating after the injury?

Also, you think they would take both Rod Brown and DJ, or is do you think it’s one or the other?

No surprise the Hogs lead after what D.J. said on the radio show and saying before Real Deal in the Rock.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … cruiting-/

I would think so. He’s pretty effective at 80-85% and they know he’s only going to get better the next few months.

Who else has offered?

Texas, Baylor, Texas A&M, Houston, TCU and others.

Very nice

Plus an outstanding articulate young man with athletic genes. His mother is an Olympic sprinter. He will make Razorback Nation proud if he chooses the Hogs.

I feel pretty comfortable saying that I think some or all of those offers are very conditional at this point in time.

I like DJ’s skill level for his size. I think there’s nice potential there. But, it’s a little hard to tell when he might become more productive, which he would need to secure offers from most of those schools. Will be interesting to watch.

I would agree on the offers.