Hawks 5 become The Hog 5

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Wow it took me so long to find the comment forum for this article, not surprised there is no discussion here. Not sure I’ll even be able to find the thread again later to see if that changed. Was looking forward to this story’s comments too. Can we at least have the comments link at the end of the article go straight to the right forum thread??

I agree! I think we’re losing some participation by making it more complicated to find the discussion. I think a direct link is an excellent idea.

As far as the article itself is concerned, I think it’s great that these young men will continue to play together for years to come. I think it’s great for the Hogs, too! They’re all talented players and we definitely won’t have to worry about chemistry. And…even though I think The Hog 5 is a great name, I’m going to continue to call them the Justice League in honor of young Mr. Hill’s efforts to persuade his teammates to join him on the Hill. Woo Pig!