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I just realized that Friday is the Federal holiday, so no mail. With an early game on Saturday, unlikely most folks will get their mail before the LSU game if they live out of state. Even with first class delivery, I usually get the magazine on Friday in Florida. Does anyone know whether this was taken into consideration for the mailing this week?

I can’t speak to what was or was not taken into consideration, but the magazine was sent to the printer at the same time this week as usual because of the Saturday game vs. Coastal Carolina.

Clay is out today. He’ll be back tomorrow and can provide more details.

If you look at the USPS website, mail be delivered on Friday but not Saturday.

I guess my expectations need to be raised. I have been getting my deliveries (in FL) about a week or so AFTER the game is played… with the exception of the Alabama issue, which was 2 weeks late. And I’m paying for the 1st class delivery… is there a number I need to call?
The only saving grace is most of the articles are already accessible on line, but it would be nice to get it on time.

There is a number to call for subscription questions: (800) 757-6277

This is the same number that you will find in your magazine. That number can also be found in the FAQ thread, which is linked atop every forum.

Thanks dbhog. I did not know this.

Regarding delivery, I was getting my magazine the week after the game until I switched to first class postage, now I usually get it on Friday. I live in Florida.

You can’t send the magazine out BEFORE the game. We print on Sunday night. That has never changed. So the magazine was at the mail bulk plant in North Little Rock at 8 a.m. Tuesday. It would be there first thing on Monday if it had been open.

But to ask if we took that into consideration, yes. But you still can’t mail on Sunday and that’s when we get it ready.

If and when the post office is closed, it puts us in a bind. But not much you can do for those weeks. The other tough one is Labor Day after the first game. Can’t mail until Tuesday.