Got my magazine. Imagine my surprise seeing the picture of Froholdt blocking for Boyd, with his left arm wrapped around the Bama players neck and a firm grip on his jersey under his shoulder pads. I don’t think that was a called penalty but after all the hoopla criticizing the refs over the choke hold on Agim, I’m not surprised that this one got by as well. It can happen very quickly and if the hold doesn’t continue until the player is either thrown down or the jersey pulls indicating that it is obvious, I think the refs often just let them play.

By the way, thanks to the staff for getting the magazine out earlier this year. Although I use first class postage to get mine, last year it was almost always Friday and sometimes Saturday before I got it. This year, it has consistently arrived on Thursday.

First class delivery is the way to go. It’s the only way to go, actually. Second class mail delivery goes at a snail’s pace if it’s across state lines or into a rural area. And, there are always pockets of slow delivery in populated area. As they say, USPS delivery isn’t like it once was – like when the Pony Express got it to you FAST!

We moved just over a month ago and I forgot to inform HI. When it hit me a couple of weeks late I emailed HI and last week I begin receiving my HI magazines PLUS several magizines I had missed.

Great job by the HI staff. Good folks!