Hawgs Illustrated

I have not received my S.C. issue here in Bentonville which means I will not get it before kick-off tomorrow. :confounded:

I’m in prairie grove, I’m the same way

I just called HI. I was on the “periodical” mail list. I just upgraded to 1st class for $21/year.

…not clear whether that is additional $21 or bottom line.

$21 a week plus tax.

I’m sorry you did not receive it. It’s not the same as holding it in your hand, but you can view the digital replica here:


I haven’t gotten mine in Fayetteville either.

Didn’t get mine in Birmingham.

Don’t have mine in Chattanooga.

Never got mine in El Dorado.

Had a letter from Uark FCU take 8 days to get from Fayetteville to Springdale. . . . . . . . . Labor day was one of those days but that’s ridiculous.

This problem was probably not an HI issue.

USPS is struggling everywhere. Some areas focus on package delivery and others Mail. Government funded alot of money to improve technology and buy new vehicles but hire staff still is dragging. I have not yet received my two print issues for Cincy and SC. Glad for on line access.

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Since mine was not in the Friday mail I figured it would be in Saturday’s for sure. Nope!

USPS is worse than struggling right now. Just the last couple of months… I have had them lose packages, destroy others, and deliver my neighbors’ mail to me, and vice versa.

Normally I receive my mail around noon. This past Saturday I got it and Hawgs Illustrated @5:00. Go figure.

The timing in my neighborhood varies. It seems that there is no “regular” delivery person. I don’t mind that, but I do mind the lack of delivery for time sensitive items, i.e. Hawgs Illustrated.

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I agree there are likely multiple potential causes, but the bottom line is I don’t need to pay for something that is weeks out of date by the time I get it. I’m in Florida and have not received either of the fist two weeks issues. Does it make sense to pay $21 a wwek to get something on time that I already pay $17 a week to read? Someone that cares about subscriptions needs to address this…

Go hogs!

The days of getting to know your mail person is over. Changes regularly here. As does the Fed Ex and UPS person we see daily around here. (Wife addicted to Amazon).

I can assure everyone that it is being addressed to the best of our ability.

$21 per YEAR