Hawgs Illustrated

Got my HI magazine yesterday. Outstanding articles on the 2022 baseball preview, Clay!
So looking forward to watching Hogs baseball!
Offense appears to be potent and with all the pitching that was referenced to, I sure hope that there is one or two that surprise us and become a real stud in our weekend pitching rotation. Sounds like a lot of potential there to add to our returning projected starters.

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There for a moment I thought you were really angry at Clay…

I was so impressed, (as usual), with the content. Especially the baseball preview!

I was referencing your title to the post… just messing with you, the Baseball Issue is great.

No problem, my fellow poster! Go Hogs!

I’m glad you enjoyed the magazine. It is always my favorite to put together each year.

Great job, Matt!
Looking forward to baseball!!
I’m sure you are as well.

Much credit should go to Kai Caddy. He is a master page designer. He’s been with me for 15 years. In fact most of our staff has been with us for a long time. Our baseball issue has been one of our most popular issues, right behind our football preview.

Our process for the last two years involves Matt pulling the photos after I give him the layout map. Then Kai puts it together. Matt will give Kai lots of photo options. I’ve never second guessed either one. Matt pulls the cover photos. It’s an easy process for me. I get out of the way!

I’m amazed at how Kai builds the covers. It’s like an art form. Seldom do I say anything but “great.” Matt pulls the cover pictures. He will give me options but usually his first pick is correct.


You all do a fantastic job, Clay!

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