Hawgball has become boring!!!

I have watched all games on TV and even when we win , cant say I was entertained to the level of old. I dont think the players have good court awareness on defense or offense. The players dont seem to be engaged as a team. Moses seems to shoot or drive whenever he wants no matter how much not his game. The assistant coaches really seem unenthused. And It seems the players dont fear any of there bonehead decisions. Countless just gunning threes that are not in rhythem with offense. That would get you on the bench quick with Nolan. Lets face Mike is who is, not Nolan not even on same level as far as demanding control of his team, or the refs. He is mother goose compared to Nolan. I am excited about future hawgs but dont feel like Mike can get full potential out of them. I am tired of Mike’s brand as a fan but I know im just one person.

I agree, It seems like Mike is to scared to get into they’re butts, he’s to soft. He has some great recruiting classes coming in and I’m excited about that, but I’m not sure if he’ll be able to do anything with them. He’s a great man just seems like their is no want or anything in this team and brand right now.

Moses Kingsley stat line looks great but he has regressed in terms of being a force in the paint. He stands and watches and does battle on the boards. On top of that our defense is offensive!

Not disagreeing about anything being said here, but the issue to me isn’t “boring” or not, it is winning or not. Winning is entertaining. Losing is not.

I do miss the days when people were scared to play us due to our defense. I loved it when announcers talked about other teams having fear in their eyes playing us. That said, I don’t care what the style is, I just want to WIN.

It is about being boring. If you watch the college football championship game I gaurantee you Bama fans are upset that they lost but I bet they wont call their teams play boring. I mean look at our wins I cant say we have dominated or played at a high level against any major opponent. The wins we have gotten have been just enough to get by. Not one game have I been on edge of my seat in excitement or yelled go hawgs, it just kind of been ok for me. We have no excitement watching this current team. Im not making any excuses , the team is new, or we cant win them all, or wait till so and so comes the future is bright. In both sports I am disappointed as a fan and feel like both are in a lull.

I had to stop watching the game before the end of the first half. I knew we were going to lose. I have watched Anderson’s teams during his tenure here and consistently see lack of basic fundamentals with his teams. I have said before that sound fundamental basket teams will beat us a majority of the time.

Yes. Even when the team has succeeded in recent times, the quality of basketball Arkansas plays has been a concern. If you are among other fans watching these games, you get this “blah” feeling from everybody. We rarely look like a team that is bursting with potential. Our offense works and works and works to get shots. We do not get a lot of steals that turn into points. We even eschew dunks in favor of layups, sometimes to our detriment.