Having watched Hogs and LSU yesterday

I think our old strategy for LSU from the past two games (which, you will remember, we won) sets up perfectly. Sell out to stop the run and dare Danny Etling to beat us. I saw nothing last night to suggest he can. It may well be that the main obstacle for a perfect November isn’t LSU, it’s Moo U at Stankvomit. Although from all accounts, the A&M defense completely failed to show up.

I think Orgeron had them pumped up for a bowl game level of emotion OR LSU played over their heads because of the bama fans damaging their logo. That was an emotional and physical game last night. A team playing for their coach could carry the same emotion into this week, but I doubt it is as strong.

The LSU defense was impressive. I have no idea how we are going to run outside the tackles against their speed.

If our Defense shows up like they did vs Florida we should have a low scoring win. The LSU defense is scary good … big and fast. Going to need to get some guys in space to move the ball.

Teams that play Bama suffer the next week. This is also the first road trip for Coach O. Enough La. Hawgs that they will play like the Fl Hawgs did Saturday. Hawgs O line has to get better as LSU is good defense.