Having trouble getting here...

Every time I click on my bookmark (which takes me to the “Board Index” page) I get he following "The forums.wholehogsports.com page isn’t working

forums.wholehogsports.com redirected you too many times.
Try clearing your cookies.

I have no intention of clearing my cookies. I wouldn’t be able to log into many sites (as I never remember passwords, if not for cookies, I couldn’t use the internet).

The only way I got here now was to open an incognito tab and reenter my user name and password again (which I do remember, for now, 6 months from now? NOPE).

Have I mentioned that I HATE passwords? I get the need. But site x’s rules say something like “must contain at least 6 characters, one of which must be a special character, one a capital letter and at least one number.” Site Y says something like “must be at least 8 characters, all with which must be alpha or numeric” (in other words, no “special characters” ) site z says passwords must be 6 characters, all alpha, no caps. Etc. Etc. In addition, some sites make you change your password every 3 or 6 months. And to top it all off, the “experts” tell you not to use the same one on different sites (even when you can, as noted, many times you can’t) and DON’T WRITE THEM DOWN! Really??? :evil:

Sorry but You’re going to have to clear your cookies. Just clear them for WholeHogSports.com and forums.wholehogsports.com if you don’t want to clear them all. You can also clear cookies without clearing your saved passwords.

I use Google Chrome. I can’t even find out where to clear the cookies. Help?

Go to History-Show Full History-Clear Browsing Data. That will bring up the option to delete your cookies. Don’t check the box for passwords.

Once you have cleared your cookies, relaunch the browser and it should work for you.

Thanks. Got it done.