Having to login to view articles again

I have my login saved for the forums and used to have no issues viewing articles. Over the last couple days, every time I come to the site and access an article, I have to log in. I can fix it by logging out of the forums and back in.

For example, I came on and selected the column by Tom Murphy. It asked me to log in. I logged out of forums, logged back in and accessed the article with no issue. I finished the article, closed it and attempted to access the article showing the game information for the Florida game. I was prompted to log in again.

It’s not earth shattering, but it sure can get annoying.

I use Chrome as my browser.

I would appreciate any assistance.

Instead of logging out, just go ahead and log in when prompted. The articles and the forums are connected, but are not always in sinc. I’ve had that happen, but simply logging in usually works just fine.

What kind of device are you using?

I have the same problem. I use a Windows 10 Asus Laptop and Chrome. The “log in” screen freezes a lot before I can “log in” or back up and try again, usually successfully. It does get old.

happened to me on both my mac, i phone, and i pad. and the pop up amazon ad is back when you use iPhone or i pad. that doesn’t happen on computer, unfortunately i can’t carry my computer around with me all day.

A desktop computer

It has hit me four times this morning. I cannot open any article without Amazon swooping in and locking me up.

I’m on an SE iPhone.

I have a note into IT about this.

Amazon captures my screen this morning every time I go to a WHS story. Extremely frustrating. Their URL (right term?) is us.moldings145su.top. I’m on an iPhone.

I don’t have to log into other pages anymore. Cleared up yesterday