Having Surgery - will be out couple of weeks...

Going in for carpel tunnel surgery and also having some work done on my shoulder and neck

Basically I’m getting old and need to be refurbished.

It’s been a painful last two months, but time to get fixed up.

So looking at past history, I would suspect a ton of commits to happen.

Thanks to Clay, Matt, Richard and Jimmy for picking up the slack and letting me get healed up.

I hope all goes well. Saying a prayer for you. Hopefully the Cards will be back on track and there will big time commitments while you are recuperating.

good luck!

Good luck Dudley!!

Hoping and praying for the best.

Petra said the doc thought surgery went great.

Stud muffin should be as good as new.

Fantastic! :smiley:

I don’t think it’s the age as much as it is the mileage Dudley. Of course I’m an older model than you, so I hope that’s right. Praying that all goes well and you come out of the shop better than ever.

If carpal is mouse related, I put the mouse pad directly in front of me with the keyboard either above or below the mouse pad and have never had any problems since. I don’t spend any time texting or surfing on smartphones, though.

Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery, Dudley. Be sure to find a good Physical Therapist. It worked wonders for me…

Talked to Dudley several times in the last few days. He’s doing great. Goes back to the doctor later in the week to get the bandage unwrapped and see the doc’s handy work for the first time. He has sent me a text with his left hand, his first one. He was groggy the first couple of times I talked to him, but he sounds clear now (on Tuesday). He’s a lot tougher than me, so he’ll probably bounce out of this pretty quickly. That’s the scouting report on Dudley, one tough cookie.

Clay, Thanks for the update on Dudley.
Sounds like he will be good as new soon.

Prayers sent, DD! Hope all goes well! ghg

I have had rotator cuff surgery and carpal tunnel surgery and both went well.