Having Surgery - will be out couple of weeks...

Going in for carpel tunnel surgery and also having some work done on my shoulder and neck

Basically I’m getting old and need to be refurbished.

It’s been a painful last two months, but time to get fixed up.

So looking at past history, I would suspect a ton of commits to happen.

Thanks to Clay, Matt, Richard and Jimmy for picking up the slack and letting me get healed up.

Wishing you a quick recovery ! I suffered with shoulder pain and carpal tunnel in both hands, had the tunnel surgery done and shoulder pain went away immediately. Had surgeries done in January and I’m back to 100 % and pain free! WPS

Dudley’s surgery went well. He’s resting and recovering. Talked to him a couple of times, once because he returned a bump call. He’s also sent me a lefty text. He said it was his first one.

Good to hear things went well for him, he will be up and running soon I’m sure. WPS

Talked to Dudley a few times in the last couple of days. He’s doing well. He goes back to the doctor later in the week to get his bandage off. He’s a tough, tough cookie. The scouting report on Dudley is always the same: Tough as a boot and the hardest worker around.

Dudley, lay back get some rest and don’t try to rush back until you are fully recovered. You owe that to yourself and your family. You owe us nothing, you have given at the office!.

Since he’s sending “lefty” texts, he will soon be a “switch texter”, or an “ambidexter texter”.