Having Rewatched the game... The sky is not falling

We had one of those games similar to an abysmal night at the free throw line. We started out the game missing open shots we typically make a fair percentage and it seemed to just steamroll. There were many times we’d make a steal and make a poor pass or poor decision. We can talk matchups but we could and should have won that game.

With that said, I love Coach Muss’s passion but his press conference was close to crossing the line on sky is falling. That wasn’t I’m pissed and we’re going to get better wake up call… but comparing Smith loss to I. Joe was over the top. Play Better, Shoot Better, Defend Better, and get your mind right!!


Amen. Great post.

Yep, a bad example. If the sky is falling, why play on?
Without hope why crawl out of bed?

I definitely agree with the premise of your post. I don’t agree that Muss’ comparison between Joe and Smith was “over the top”. He wasn’t comparing Smith and Joe, but comparing what the loss of each meant to each team at the time.

Smith is by far our best rebounder and interior defender, which is this team’s major weakness now. He also is a team leader.

Joe was clearly our best 3 point shooter, and a very good defender, so he was sorely missed in those 5 or 6 games.

Both players are/were big losses for their respective teams because both were an integral part of their success.

As I said I agree with your post. We (including TN) are subject to lose SEC games if we don’t bring our best games. TN played nearly as poorly in their game against Bama as we did in our game with MO. Both were home games.

I expect both teams to bounce back off of sub-par performances and for the Hogs to probably lose a closely contested game Wed night.

I wasn’t crazy about the way Muss came across either. However, I sure love the fact he hates to lose as much as he does. I love his passion for his team. He knows we are better than we showed yesterday.

Agree after watching for the 3rd time. I love passion but!

Musselman takes EVERY loss hard. Just his makeup. And, for this team to lose Smith is tough. Joe was difficult to replace last year. Smith is difficult to replace this year. They are different, but similar.

Clay, I get taking a loss very hard. As fans, we take them hard with less aptitude as the coaches do but his presser as a coach was not acceptable IMO. There were more moments that were negative and defeatist attitude. I had many comments sent to me before I’d ever seen presser. No way to defend that!

If you watch him after a loss, you have seen that before. I get what you are writing. I’ve seen him like that before. Not defending it. Just not surprised.

He is raw and honest. That’s what I saw.

Well I have always thought the team will believe as the coach believes, coach has a defeated,woe is me attitude, so will the team… We will see how they respond.

I’m pretty sure, upon reflection, that Muss wishes he would have handled the post game presser better. But how many of you would have liked to be him, answering questions, minutes after being tossed, his game plan torn to tatters by Mizzou deciding that there is no way the refs can call every foul? We played terrible, and I doubt very seriously that we will ever play that bad again, but I love Muss’s passion. He handled that post game presser way better than I would have, and quite honestly, as much as I love Coach A, it used to drive me nuts that the losses didn’t seem to bother him more than they did. One last thing, Muss knew very well that a win over Mizzou would have probably resulted in a top 15 rating going into the Tennessee game. We lost more than a game yesterday. I don’t blame Muss one iota for being devastated and acting out.

Sky is definitely not falling. Just the first loss. Today’s newspaper article says that was worst shooting performance ever in the history of BWA and third worst in a SEC game at BWA. That won’t happen again.

As far as Muss wearing his emotions on his sleeve, he started his coaching regime last year with openly negative demeanor on the sidelines whenever something went wrong, received criticism and corrected himself. I bet he realizes how his sideline demeanor yesterday and at the presser, came across. He will correct that like he did last year.

I honestly don’t care about his on-court or presser demeanor.
I care how his team plays.
I think he’s more upset at the fact that going in he saw this game as very winnable and his team played awful.
The SEC is really a bunch of “good” teams with the Vols being slightly above that.
You can’t lose winnable games and still hope to finish atop a wide open 2020-2021 SEC.

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Love Muss but it was over the top. We shoot half normal and we win that game regardless of smith. Like the passion but sometimes its not about him.

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I didn’t have a problem with it.

I don’t like people who are okay with losing.

And I’ve always been amazed at fans who complain if a coach doesn’t have passion and doesn’t show he or she hates losing. Then the same fans gripe about passion and hating losing.

Show me a coach who takes losing well and I’ll show you a losing coach.

Coach Sutton and Coach Richardson absolutely detested losing


Thanks Dudley! That’s what I tried to say.

I didn’t have a problem with anything he said during the press conference. He was asked about Vanover + Sills giving basically zero, didn’t throw them under the bus. Didn’t get any coach speak. We all got exactly what was on his mind. I’m sure in that moment, he was a mix of worried and concerned about what’s next without Justin Smith. I would have been, too. In back-to-back seasons his team has been hit with an injury to a significant piece. That didn’t happen at Nevada. Has to be frustrating.

I prefer Muss on Saturday 10 times out of 10 over him providing short responses to questions and not looking up once like he did after a loss last year.


You can show your displeasure with losing without ducking your head and acting like you are in agony.

Someone has replaced Justin Smith. What kind of confidence snd encouragement are you giving him and even other players when you make it sound like woe is me we lost a player we can’t replace. Nothing wrong with saying others are going to have to play even better but don’t make it appear that the players that are there can’t win because we lost one player.

He inferred that they had no chance to beat Tennessee at least if I was a player that is the way I heard it.

As I heard one coach say this year, it is not about the players that are not there but those that are. They need to believe that if they work together and play hard they can win.

He had a defeatist attitude. I didn’t care for it.

I’ve seen it all through the years. I used to laugh when people wanted an apology for the team playing poorly after a loss. It was pointed out that Bear Bryan apologized after losses. Yeah, and he didn’t lose much. My father asked him once about that exact style of apologizing after a loss. He said, “If I have to apologize often, I’ll be fired.”

Musselman divided the blame equally. He said not one player played well. He quickly added, “And, I didn’t coach well and my assistants didn’t coach well.” Good enough for me.

Asked about not finishing around the rim, he said the obvious, “This team has had a problem with that since the first game.”

Vanover is not an inside guy. He should shoot from distance better than he did in the last two games and figure that is going to happen. If not, he’ll see his minutes decrease.

I don’t think the pick and roll issues were all Vanover’s fault. In fact, Musselman said most everyone on the Zoom call (media) would not understand the technical issues and what was going right or not.

I’m told that the issues with the pick and roll are sometimes inches this way or that. I was told by James Dickey and Pat Foster that Eddie Sutton had foot placement on the pick and roll defense down to inches. And, that’s for both defenders. If Musselman talked about the technical terms for where each defender stepped and where he placed their hands, it would leave our head swimming. Musselman wondered where the weakside defense was on some of those pick and rolls. In other words, he wasn’t expecting either defender to roll. How they are covering depends on the call they are in. We never know what call they are in. We just see a dunk or a 3 and we blame the guy closest, or one who isn’t close enough.

This is a technique oriented coach. We see them playing hard and that does it for me. Playing too fast is just as much a mistake as not playing hard enough. I saw them play a little too fast sometimes, but wasn’t sure why. Doubt it was lack of effort.

They’ll have to play with better balance around the rim and more strength. But I figure every shot was a bit different. This is a coach who will analyze that and they will figure it out.

That’s what probably frustrates him, is that some of what he saw are things he thought they had covered and fixed. They’ll have to fix them again. He knows it and will buckle down to doing it.

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Moark777, Clay explained it perfectly! I remember back when I played high school ball late 60’s n NE Arkansas. We had a great coach who always had a great game plan. The crazy thing is we players didn’t always perform like we should. He prepared us we just didn’t perform. Think about it!