Having Problems

Trying to watch the game. Keep getting this message: “An error occurred during video playback, possibly due to network connectivity, or being in a background browser tab. Please try again.” Have never had problems like this before. Have tried to sign out and sign back into DirecTV. My TV is working fine. Any ideas?

I deleted my app and then went back out and downloaded another one. Worked for me.

Thanks. I wound up going through Google Chrome. Had never had trouble with Internet Explorer.

Having same problem. Called Direct yesterday. Was told it was a problem between ESPN and Direct. I’ve tried reloading the app several time with negative results.

I was able to watch it OK using Roku . . . but there was something up with the ESPN app, even so. Not all of the icons populated. And, it was very slow to respond.

However, I was able to get the game, so I’ll live with it.