Haven’t seen it mentioned, but

Nick Smith Sr let David Bazzel, Pat Bradley and company know (while they were on the air) that Nick Jr will play for the Hogs this year.

He didn’t say when.

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When did he talk to them on air? Today?

Great news. We need you, Nick. The team needs you.

Great news.Muss said he expects him to miss the rest of the month. I think it’s great that he’s coming back for sure but even when he does it will take him probably a couple of weeks to get back in playing shape and playing the way he is capable. It will likely be toward the end of February before we see the real Nick Smith again just in time for March madness

I was busy and halfway listening.

I think a friend of Nick Sr was a guest on the show. (I don’t know who it was). The friend received a message (while on the air) from Nick Sr saying Nick Jr will play this year.

Bazzel and the guys who hosts after Bazzel confirmed the communication from Nick Sr.

I’ll wager his first game back is either 1/31 vs. A&M or 2/4 at S. Carolina.

He better get back and get to practicing and doing film prep if he’s going to be playing in a couple weeks.