Have you seen the new practice facility?

I live outside the state and had a chance to tour it while back over the holidays.

It is an amazing facility.

I left thinking to myself that we have no excuses not to be a top ten program to top twenty program annually (short of occasional rebuilding season of course).

In fairness to Mike, he may be only now seeing the recruiting benefit as it’s a new facilty.

But I left the tour thinking we have no excuses not to be basketball elite.

Most of the SEC teams have something comparable. I assume most major programs have something comparable.

I assume so as well.

But I would venture to say only Kentucky could rival us for history and facility combo. Missouri could make a case given Norm Stewart long tenure I suppose.

If we were hanging on as a program before building the facility that others have had these last years, I don’t know of many excuses left for us not to be among the best programs going forward.

There’s no doubt you are correct about the SEC hierarchy, although I think Florida has to be considered because of its past 20 years or so.

For the most part, Arkansas has been near the top the past few years.

Great point regarding Florida. They have had a nice run certainly over a few decades and certainly have been elite.

That Florida has done so well without great fan support is pretty amazing. The past three coaches have all won at a high level.