Have you guys seen twitter this am?

Lots of great stuff on our Gymnastics team last night, even the intros were great, fireworks and music. great video’s of gymnastics.

Students lined up for basketball since last night! Like we used to do for Todd and Oliver and Mayberry! our AD wearing a shark costume with the kids in line, the students calling hogs, the students heckling the Kentucky bus (“Calipari shaves his legs!!!”).

Anyway, really good stuff going on in Fayetteville. Mus even has a tweet supporting the tennis teams today!

Really love our AD and all our new, energetic coaches. They seem to be having as much fun as the students. maybe even more fun than the football players are having, after the reports of hte first off season workout, lol.


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Can you post the link where they heckle the bus?

We were at the Gym backs meet last night. 6000 fans were in attendance. It was really fun. The team is very young, loaded with freshman and sophomore’s . They will be very good as they grow . I strongly recommend y’all going for yourselves and checking it out.

i can’t-I did “save the link to my clipboard”, whatever that means. and my 18 year old is in line for the KY game, so I have no young help in the house. I’ll keep trying…


gymbacks looked like they were in comeback mode all night on ESPN, which really should not be in gymnastics given the rotations. Maybe it was the ESPN commentators cause Denver was good and rolled with the flow

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