Have we seen the RPO yet?

Seems like the runs are very predictable and very few passes from the run fake.

A lot of pre-snap RPO’s. A lot of our deep passes are runs but, based on the corner’s alignment we are throwing the ball deep. I don’t think we have seen a lot of post-snap RPO’s because the coaches don’t trust the quarterback to read it.

Once Storey gets comfortable running the ball, I think it will open up the play to the RB. Right now, it is pretty predictable–either a RB gets the ball or a pass. QB runs have either been scrambles or obvious called QB runs, which isn’t the same as the read option. If you watched the Auburn QB, after he handed off to his RB, he almost always kept running forward, not lateral, as if he was running the ball. If you can freeze a defender for even a nano second, it helps. It will come with experience. All those lost reps from practices when QB duties were shared isn’t helping right now.

There is a difference between an RPO and a read option run. I have seen Ty Storey run read option/midline option plays with bad missed reads, especially early on in the season. I have like the quaterback designed runs. Ty Storey leads the team in yards after contact with 3.0, Devwah is second with 1.2. No one else on the team has more than .8

God bless Ty but he can’t think fast enough to run a RPO offense. He missed a ton of protection calls in the Auburn game.

Hopefully Noland will be ready to go by the Tulsa game.

Good Lord - and he’s moving at warp speed compared to Cole.

Outgunned - brining butter knives to a bazooka fight.

Our QB play has a lot of warped and no speed…