Have we established a ring of honor yet?

When I think of how #5 or #27 jerseys can ever be worn again and know some don’t like retiring jerseys, makes me wonder how we might plan on honoring greatness of program publicly and around stadium.

We have such great history would love to see more visibly.

Great idea! Long overdue

#5 was inducted into the Razorback Sports Hall of Honor tonight.

He was a part of the class of 2020 along with Corey Beck (BKB), Jon Brittenum (FB), Ralph Kraus (BSB), Amanda McCurdy (SB), and Coach Ken Turner (FB).

The 2021 class consisted of Brian Wellman (T & F), Clint McDaniel (BKB), George Stewart (FB), Robert Farrell (FB), Tiffany Woolley Moyer (SB), and Sandi Morris (T & F).

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