Have to Cheer for UK today against Vols

A win would put UK in the top 75 NET and give us another Quad 1 win…

As fast as the Rebnecks have been rising, they could get into the top 30 by March 12 too. Glad we got them early; of course we could run into them in Nashville too.

With only three games left barring makeups, and two of those against Q1 opponents, I think we’re all but a lock, and Wednesday night could seal it. From there you’re talking about seeding, and staying out of the dreaded 8-9 line, and getting out of Gonzaga’s bracket.

KY pasting TN at halftime. In spurts the Cats look like a top 25 team.

Kentucky has enough talent that they could probably beat any team in the country, including Gonzaga, if they had one of those nights when all cylinders were firing. I still remember a few years back when they had a mediocre season, got seeded 8th, then beat 1 seed Wichita St. I think they made it to the championship game that year

Both Tennessee and Kentucky are talented teams. The Vols did not have it together today, but they are for real.

You mean like 14 for 26 from the 3?

Yeah like that.:sunglasses:

#64 Kentucky in new NET rankings up from 77 so if they hold on to it till Selection then we get quad 1 top tier credit. At 64, they got margin for error and no more games with Vandy and Aggies postponed of course, so only remaining games that don’t drop you much for a loss. Hogs thank you but still can’t stand you!

Auburn is now threatening to fall out of the top 75. Win one, lose one. Beat Bama; they won’t fall out.

At Bama…I can’t see that happening.

We already played at Bama. Wednesday is at BWA. Come on, man!

Oh, you’re talking about Auburn at Bama? I’m not.

Yep. But, you’re right, if the Hogs beat Bama they have nothing further to worry about. I’m still amazed at how they throttled LSU in BR.