Have the Hogs Been Improving Through the Season

I was not trying to dis his performance of 41 points, rather I was alluding to the fact that his 8-14 shooting performance was not routine, although good…meaning that sometimes those same “efficient looking shots” don’t fall for him, just like iJoe.

Also, I didn’t get to watch the entire game, missing part of the first half. Nevertheless, I’m looking for something new from Jones that I haven’t seen yet this season (or much) – perhaps 10 foot shots in the paint ala Whitt or maybe more offensive rebounds and put backs. He’s not the best dribbler, but it seems he has the ball longer than anyone, generally at the top of the key (recognizing he does lead the team in scoring).

Harris in my opinion is the quickest and most true point guard who creates from penetration. Jones and Joe handle the ball more like two guards or small forwards but both are very good shooters and getting better. Whitt is just a freek with his rebounding skills and those short jump shots that he is so good at … he can also literally guard anyone. Bailey and Chaney are going to have a lot to do with how successful this team will be. They are undersized for SEC standards but both are excellent athletes and they are extremely well coached on post defense. I thought they would get killed inside but so far they have held their own inside. They are a fun well coached team to watch play and I would not bet against them doing well in the SEC.