Have the freshmen WRs caused Hammond to move back to RB......

…Hammond ran the ball well at tailback a couple of times but I did not see him involved much in the passing game. They played three true freshmen wide receivers. They would not be burning their redshirts if they did not expect them to play significant roles. Is Hammond no longer the dangerous slot receiver, jet sweep threat, that we hoped he would be?

He lined up in the slot as a WR.

Hammonds ran a jet sweep last night and was stopped around the line of scrimmage. He was in the game at receiver some but I don’t think he was targeted. I did notice a good downfield block from him on one play.

Why does T.J. not get more touches? He has looked really good the few times he has had the ball in his hands last year and last night. Why not let him return kickoffs? Deon Stewart is so small and does not run those kickoffs back with abandon. He kind of tiptoes the returns. That won’t get it done. You need a guy who will sell out to return kickoffs.

#5 looked solid on the punt returns. He looks like he is confident he can catch the ball.

He has been hurt. He did not get to practice much. That explains why he was limited the first game. Plus they were trying to test out a tone of newcomers to see what they have…

TJ needs touches IMO. He seems to almost always make chunk gains when given an opportunity…BTW… I thought D Warren looked like the best option at KO return.

He will. He may be the biggest home run hitter they have and his ball security looks a lot better.

I am surprised no one has commented on Jonathan Nance. He stood out to me as a receiver that looked like he was ready to play.

T.J. can line up all over the field. I took him getting the late-game RB reps as a sign they weren’t ready to burn Maleek Williams’ redshirt at this point.

Austin seems really high on him. Compared the way he plays to Drew Morgan.

I commented on him. Said that he looked like he will be our primary possession receiver.