Have missed any Ron Holland news?

Been a little busy this week, but haven’t found any news on him yet.

No. All quiet on the Holland front.

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Assuming he still hasn’t gotten release?

It’s being stated elsewhere that he has

If he hadn’t, all these schools wouldn’t have contacted him and we’d know that he didn’t have the release.

BTW, may or may not be relevant to this, but I hear that Devo wasn’t even invited to the G League combine, which is a step closer to him returning if true.

This isn’t exactly “news”, but maybe a hint?

Which country does this flag represent?


That would be the Netherlands, Otherwise known as … Holland.


There is some chatter about him this morning, as well as he picked up a future cast for AR

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Is he a flying Dutchman?

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Very much so.

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Me likey the chatter that is picking up on him!

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Keep a eye on the Indiana Hoosiers as a option…

If Devo hits the portal I will eat this phone.

I don’t want to see either one of those things happen. Why would Devo sully his reputation, in a state that loves him, now?

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I can’t, in a million years, believe he would. Now if Muss pushes him that way, that would be a bridge too far for me.

I will need pictures of the phone eating

That would be hard since my camera is my phone.

The last time Coach Musselman waited for a decision he got burned

I’m not advocating for him to look elsewhere I’d love to keep him, but if the 50K a month rumor has legs?

Going pro I can see, but transferring? Nope.
Where are you getting $50k a month?

There has been a lot of talk today on different platforms.

As of now:

Walsh 50/50 going/staying. As of two days ago, everyone thought he was 100% staying in the draft.

Devo, most likely returning to college, but apparently some issue with NIL donors over something. Again rumors only. No clue what is going on, but returning to college, and returning to Arkansas is two different things.

As of 0900 this morning Texass has not released Ron Holland from his NIL. There apparently is some issues with the AR staff because it’s spreading like wildfire that not only have we reached out, but he will be committing to us. If true Texass has a case against us. All three sides are rumored to be a little upset right now.

Nelson, as of 0900 is leaning toward going pro (even if going overseas). However, there is a possibility he returns to college and it’s believed AR would be in a good position to get his transfer.

AR also has a few more option if none of them make it here.

Apparently, the rumors from a few days ago that Muss has reassured our current players and their families no one else will have to leave and will all be Hogs next year is true.

Most likely scenario is we get a returnee from the draft and either a transfer or RH).

Devo, Holland, and Nelson is still a possibility.

My opinion:

I can see us getting all three, but it would mean Muss would go back on his word to someone. Don’t know how that would play out in the future.

Edit: To quote RD and every other insider, “It’s a very fluid situation.”