Have I missed something?

D1 Baseball’s scoreboard lists our game as being in the first inning.

Did they move up a start for weather?

Gotta be a mistake.

No audio streaming yet via Razorback App.

No video streaming yet via SECN+.

And I see that have it down the list among other games scheduled to start later

Hogs up 6-0.

JK. Screw up on them I guess.

Don’t know why they do that just means the game hadn’t started yet. Very confusing

The front page of the sports section in yesterday’s ADG had the game starting last night. I had to check the schedule again to be sure it was a Fri-Sun series instead of a Th-Sat

I’ve noticed D1 scoreboard being delayed many times, especially if you are filtered for just SEC games. If you click on “box score” it brings up the more current stats.

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