Have I mentioned...

I hate Ole _iss today?

Sorry Marty for stealing your line.

What a day…keep slugging guys!

Don’t know if you’ve mentioned it, but one can’t ever say it enough. So, I’ll join you. I hate Ole Miss, too.

This games not over, but the fat lady sure is warming up.

Can’t stand them either. Even more than LSU. And I really can’t stand LSU!
They reflect the attitude of their coach, if you ask me.
Do what does that tell ya!
Oh, those ugly, uniforms???.. guess what!!

Keep mentioning it! Love it!

Awe heck, love it when people say they hate Old Miss.

And I hate LSU…

Mom told me not to hate…but I can’t help it.

I’m pretty sure there’s someplace in the Bible that says it’s okay to hate Ole Miss


We’ll go with that…

Add me to that list. I think nearkie and I grew up on that side of the state. Always have and always will hate them

In memory of MalvernHog’s Aunt Shorty:


Time to crush their hopes and dreams this afternoon…